The History and Origin of the Word Cremation

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The term “cremation” comes from the Latin word “crematio,” which means to burn. In ancient times, dead bodies were burned as a part of funeral rites in several cultures around the world, including the Greeks, Hindus, and Romans. The Greeks believed that the body was a prison for the soul, and cremation released the soul from the body’s constraints. The Hindu religion also embraces cremation as a way of releasing the soul back into the cycle of rebirth.

In the Western world, cremation was not always an accepted practice. In the 19th century, religious beliefs, public health concerns, and a lack of cremation facilities made cremation a taboo across Europe and North America. However, the practice eventually gained acceptance and popularity – especially during wars such as World War I, where troops were often buried in mass graves. Since then, cremation has become an increasingly common practice, with many people preferring it as a more eco-friendly and affordable option.

Interestingly, the term “cremation” wasn’t commonly used in the English language until the late 19th century. It was first recorded in the Oxford English Dictionary in 1874, but the practice of burning bodies had been around for centuries. Before “cremation” became a commonly used term, other words were used, such as “cremains,” “crematorial,” and “crematory.”

Today, cremation is widely accepted and practiced worldwide. It is an essential aspect of many religions and cultures, and modern crematoriums have made the process more efficient and environmentally friendly. In some cases, the ashes of the deceased are even used in jewelry or other memorials, allowing loved ones to keep a physical reminder of their lost loved one close to them.

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